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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start writing for Aavesham.com?

You can start writing by creating an account on Aavesham.com by visiting https://aavesham.com/register. Alternatively, you can click the user icon on the site header and create your account using Facebook Login.

What can I write on?

News stories, Analysis, Opinions, Listicles, Interviews, Quizzes, Polls, Humour – if you’ve got anything new and unique to say, then go ahead!
News – We don’t accept rehashed content when it comes to news. You can submit a news article for publishing, but only if it hasn’t been published anywhere else, i.e., only if you are in direct touch with the primary source of the news.

When will my article get published?

All time-sensitive articles are published within 4 hours of being submitted.
Timeless articles could take a little longer to publish, but not more than 8 hours.

Is there a minimum word limit for my articles?

A feature article (i.e. analysis/opinion/listicle) should have at least 5 paragraphs. A news article should have at least 3 paragraphs.

What requirements do I need to meet as an Aavesham Creator (Writer)?

As an Aavesham contributor, you’ll have to write at least 2 articles a day. We also expect our writers to not exceed 4 list articles a week.

Do I make money by creating posts?

Yes, you can make money by creating posts on our site, where you gains points for creating each type of posts which can be redeemed into cash once balance reaches 1000 points.

How Points are Calculated?

Points are calculated by the following ways:

  • 5 points on story post
  • 10 points on countdown list post
  • 5 points on selecting your post as Featured
  • 10 points on selecting your post as Editors’s Pick
  • 50 points on posting 200 posts in a single month
  • 5 points on 500 views by user on your content
  • 10 points on 1500 views by user on your content
  • 10 points on 3000 views by user on your content
  • 10 points on 5000 views by user on your content
  • 20 points on 10000+ views by user on your content
  • 50 points on reaching 50000+ total views by user on your posts
How I can redeem points for cashout?

You can redeem points into cash once your account balance reaches 1000 points.

How much each point is calculated into cash?

Each point value is 0.02 USD. Point value will increase according to ranks and creator performance.

When do I get paid?

We pay our users on NET 20 days basis. Example: January earning requested will be paid on 20th of February, but minimum points should be 1000 or else it will carry forward for the next month.

How payments are made?

All our Creators (Writers) Payments are made in various ways:

For Indian Users: Electronic Bank Transfer or via Paytm.
For International Users: Skrill or via Payoneer.

How is my title assigned on Aavesham and how do I get a better title?

Any new writer who signs up with Aavesham.com gets the title of “Contributor” by default. The title can be improved by contributing more post contents on a regular basis and satisfying the criteria for each title. This is an automated process and the titles cannot be assigned manually.

User are ranked by their points on our network by the following ways:

1. Contributor: 0-1999 points
2. Top Contributor: 2000-4999 points
3. Analyst: 5000-9999 points
4. Senior Analyst: 10000-19999 points
5. Featured Writer: +50000 points

Still have questions?

For further details contact us: https://aavesham.com/contact-us

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 Please note that Aavesham.com’s editorial team reserves the right to publish or reject any article.
The following are automatic red flags, and and will result in the article being rejected without any explanation:

1. The article is reported from anywhere (this will also lead to a permanent ban).
2. The article is a rehash of a piece from any other publication.
3. The article is shorter than 100 words.
4. The article is not related to sports.
5. We use cutting edge analytics engine to measure visits on your articles. Please
refrain from any sort of click-baiting/fraudulent ways of generating views. Your account
will be banned and payments will be withheld immediately.

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