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Aavesham.com a unique mix of breaking news, social content and original reporting on the world’s most popular sports.

Founded as a sports blog in February 15th 2018 by three young Indian sports fans Krishna Prasad, Ali Shibil Roshan & Bhoopesh RB, Aavesham.com quickly evolved into a popular site covering latest football and cricket news, features and social media content. The site now attracts more than one million unique monthly users and has more than 70,000 followers on social media.

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Readers can view articles which is Trending (most viewed in last 24 hours), Hot ( most viewed in last 1 week) or Popular (most viewed in last 1 month). Furthermore readers can also react on the articles as Like, Dislike, LOL, OMG, WTF, Angry. Readers can also comment on a particular article and can even vote as Up/Down.

We also provide a feature of posting content on our website, where user can post their article, stories, videos, etc and in-return they gains points which can be redeemed into cash once balance reaches 1000 points. User are also ranked as Contributor, Top Contributor, Analyst, Senior Analyst, Featured Writer based on their points.

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The Aavesham.com Triplet

Krishna Prasad

Founder. Krishna Prasad handles the website and is also Aavesham's Web Developer.

Ali Shibil Roshan
Co-Founder, Head of Content

Shibil is Head Of Content at Aavesham, also tasked with analytics, strategy formulation and brand building. 

Bhoopesh RB
Co-Founder, Digital Marketing

Co-Founder. Bhoopesh is Aavesham's Social Media Manager, responsible for implementing marketing strategies.

Our Awesome Team

Senior Sports Writer

Abhilal is Senior Sports Writer at Aavesham. He covers football, cricket and other major sports for Aavesham. He also contributes feature articles.

Sreejith Sudhakaran
Senior Football Writer

Sreejith is a senior football writer at Aavesham. He covers football news for Aavesham and also write featured articles.

Lal Krishna
Senior Football Correspondent

Lal Krishna is a Senior Football Correspondent for Aavesham. He covers European football for the website.

Hari Govind
Graphic Designer

Hari Govind is graphic designer at Aavesham. He is responsible for the creation of graphics to be used in Aavesham's Social Media accounts.

Riyaz K T
Football Writer

Riyaz covers football news for Aavesham.

Sports Writer

Jouhar is a Sports Writer at Aavesham, covering mainly football and cricket for the website.

Cricket Writer

Vishak is a Cricket writer at Aavesham. He covers latest updates and news happening in the cricketing world.

Football Writer

Jamshad is a football writer at Aavesham, covering European football and Indian football.

Midhun Satheesh
Football Writer

Midhun is a football writer at Aavesham. He writes on latest updates in the footballing world and is also interested in match analysis.

Krishna Sankar
Social Media

Young and motivated Krishna Sankar is Aavesham's Community Manager, tasked with interacting with our readers on Social Media. He helps in managing Aavesham's accounts in various Social Media platforms.

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